Melvin’s a star. Well, doy!

The calendar came!  Breathe, Tracey, breathe.

Ever since we found out Melvin would be in the calendar, I’ve wondered what photo they’d choose.  Bev, the photographer, didn’t even know.  We also had no idea what day he’d be, although this concerned me much less (except that I hate Halloween).  Sure, I have my favorites from the photo shoot we did, but at the same time I love them all.

I opened the package to this adorable dog on the front:

As I was opening the package I realized that I had not accounted for something.  One of the photos taken was of Melvin’s body and legs only, no face (the photo below).  I love this photo, it’s framed on the wall in the main room of my house.  But suddenly I worried they may have picked a photo without Melvin’s face on it.  I somewhat likened this to a yearbook where it says ‘photo not available’.

I sat down and started flipping through dates.  I immediately noticed there were indeed photos included that didn’t show the dog’s face. And you know what, they were stunning.  I stopped worrying and started enjoying the views.

I flipped 74 times to find Melvin.  He’s on a Friday, my favorite of all the weekdays.  The calendar is a page a day, half the year is on one side then you flip it over and move through the other half of the year.  I flipped Melvin’s date over and found on the opposite side was my brother’s birthday.  Two of my favorite guys, one powerful piece of paper!

Our day at Tranquility Farm  for the photo shoot was a day I will never forget..  The photos are phenomenal.  Bev Hollis is a genius with the camera and the dogs.  Little did I know that on that day, Melvin would end up in a publication that has the potential for worldwide reach!

What?  You want to see the picture?  Melvin will post it Monday.  And yes, it shows his beautiful face!

17 thoughts on “Melvin’s a star. Well, doy!

  1. I’m so getting this calendar Tracey! I will wait for the link! Melvin’s paw print on Hollywood Boulevard is next..just you wait!

  2. OMG – Melvin is a 4 legged super model!!!! Can’t wait to see the photo of Melvin and will most definitely order a calendar in his honor. I think that it’s a very good omen that his photos appeared opposited your brother’s birthday!

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