Rescue groups.

Growing up, I had a total of four dogs.  All were obtained as puppies from a breeder. As an adult,  I got Melvin from a lab rescue group.  At the time I was in a breed specific mode, about to lose one lab and hoping for another and the rescue part felt reciprocal.

Since then, my love affair with all things rescue has grown exponentially.  It may border on stalkish behavior I get so involved in each profile, trying to think through who that dog would be perfect for and then emailing that person about him/her. While I appreciate breed specific rescue groups, I also love that there are rescue groups out there that take in every dog they can, regardless of breed.

Two of my current obsessions favorites are Lost Dog Rescue and Danny & Ron’s Rescue.  Lost Dog is a local (VA/DC/MD) rescue group who takes in all breeds, all ages, all circumstances.  Lost Dog fosters most of the dogs (and cats) however they also have a 61-acre ranch where they can house overflow dogs and cats as well as other animals (who they won’t adopt out but will give a lifelong home to), including chickens, goats, INSERT ANIMAL HERE.  I mean seriously, how awesome is that?! They have upwards of 50-70 adoptions per week, due greatly in part to several adoptions events throughout each and every weekend.

Danny & Ron’s is another ‘come one, come all’ rescue group with a wider geographical reach.  Danny & Ron are affiliated with the horse show community so while they take in dogs who are mostly in SC, they are able to adopt out across several states as they can do transports via horse-show trailer caravans.  Brilliant.  They also work closely with Paws for Seniors.   Are you kidding?  You had me at hello.

Daily, I’m thankful for all the wonders of the Internet and this World Wide Web thing, mostly for what it has done to catapult the reach that rescue groups have to potential adopters. And of course that it brought you to this blog, doy!

10 thoughts on “Rescue groups.

  1. These sound like wonderful organizations. Thank you for spotlighting them.

    I find myself pretty much unable to say no to any rescue that asks for volunteers of one sort or another. Like you, I became involved as a sort of pay-it-forward thing on the passing of my old Lab and my new girl Bella entering my life.

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