Monday with Melvin. Goose patrol.

Close to our house, some man-made a lake. Around the lake is a path and She really loves  taking me for walks around the lake the man-made. I mean, it’s ok.  It can get a little hotsy on my paws so sometimes I walk on the grass next to the path which can be challenging since one side is a steep hill going down and the other side is a steep hill going up. I usually go to the up-side cause I’m a positive minded dog (but also because at the bottom of the other side is water and me no likey the wet stuff).  So I strut along the lake with Her.  At some point I must take a break from my walking to yield my mighty warrior alter-ego and lunge toward the geese that swim in the lake the man-made.  I doubt that lake creator wanted the geese there, I mean they are a noisy bunch of squawkers and they poop on every surface around the lake including the path and I try to roll in the poop and wait…the man who made the lake is genius.  Anyway, back to the part where I fake full lunge toward the geese in-the-water-that-I-would-never-in-one-million-years-go-into and they scram swim in fear to other side of the lake. Until of course I get to that side and remind them who the boss is (again).

7 thoughts on “Monday with Melvin. Goose patrol.

  1. Melvin, you and Mazzie are 2 peas in a pod …. brave, fierce and unrelenting hunters on land, but all bets are off once a body of water comes into the picture. Be careful with the geese Melvin – while they are generally pretty placid and mind their own business, Mazzie once got to close to one and he charged us both, full on. Who knew that a bird could be so terrifying?

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