Happy Anniversary, me.

Five years ago today, uninvited blood clots filled my lungs (I like to start posts with a bang!) and I was not really expected to make it (spoiler alert — I survived!). Every day since, I have celebrated living.  I find the happy.

There’s a saying that God doesn’t give you want you want, he gives you what you need.  In the same way I needed Max to teach me unconditional love, Melvin entered my life at precisely the right time.  I needed him and his wacky, exuberant approach to life to move me forward.

Life can be messy, complicated and hard.  Say ‘screw that’ and seek the joy, find it wherever you can and celebrate the hell out of it!  Melvin style!  And then surround yourself with the BEST parents, most awesome siblings and when possible, people with the last name Costa!

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, me.

  1. You have the right attitude and so does Melvin! It’s amazing that it takes a scary event like you experienced for us to “get the picture”! Life is a gift and we do need to celebrate every day!

  2. Wow. That sounds like a really scary experience, but you obviously have chosen to take the right attitude (carpe diem) and carpe diem the heck outta life! I’m glad Melvin (and your fam) is by your side to help you fulfill that philosophy!

  3. I love positive outlooks, learning to live life to the fullest and focusing on the happy. It sounds like you’ve made quite the lemonade from some rather nasty lemons. I’m thrilled to celebrate your anniversary of living through the interwebs.

  4. Love your and Melvin’s approach to /outlook on life. People think I’m nuts, but I always take a few minutes every day to celebrate Mazzie by just sitting on a bench with her on the water or in one of the city parks. It’s the best part of my day, hands down, EVERY day!

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