Very Wordy Wednesday: MIA

Where has the time gone?!  Life has been a tad crazy lately. Work is way too busy, football season kicked into high gear (although someone forgot to tell the Redskins), I have a west coast trip coming up and then general life rigmarole!

Saturday morning, the one day I had to get about a gazillion things done before life got really cray-cray, Melvin decided we should bond more, at the vet.  My poor baby woke up with a pool of blood under his head (and of course my first oh so logical thought was that someone murdered him.  Even thought he was moving around just fine.).  Four hours spent at the vet and all was fine.  He had a cyst on his ear flap that we were watching.  It was a benign growth that we were just keeping an eye on.  During the night, it “hollowed out” and the vet’s exact quote was “people are always shocked at how much blood can come from one of those buggers”.  To this I say, damn straight.  They shaved his ear, cauterized the spot and sent us on our way.

That is how parenting goes. It does not matter if your child has two legs or four, when they need medical attention, you drop everything and go and them being fine makes undone errands seem A-OK.

Some photos of the patient…

15 thoughts on “Very Wordy Wednesday: MIA

  1. I’m so glad it wasn’t serious, like murder-serious. Our previous lab had the same thing on her ear from a dog park injury but it needed removing before it had the opportunity to burst. Hearing this story, I’m so glad I never had to wake up to a potential murder scene!

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