San Diego.

I went to San Diego for work this week. It was 100 degrees. I’m sure the stories of San Diego having delightful weather are true (especially based on the fact that some places don’t even have AC) but I found it to be hot, hot, hot.

So this post is a bit random to just catch up on posts I would have done if I had not been plotting my next shower…

San Diego did have perks: The Pacific Ocean, The Hotel Del Coronado and some really great Mexican food…

Next, I have never been much of a law-breaker but I 100% thought about car-jacking this car! Look at those faces!

And as always, coming home is the best part!

3 thoughts on “San Diego.

    • At first he loves on me full force, then he slowly pulls away as the punishment begins. Lasts about a week from start to finish. This time however, I threw a four-legged house guest into the mix. So…

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