Friday with Melvin: Uninvited guest.

Hey guys, Melvin here.  She left me this week.  Black rolly bag came out and off she went. My other love, Vasha came and we had a pajama party and watched some show about crazy Housewives, I kinda dig that show.  It’s got a lot of drama, KIND OF LIKE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Let’s outline this week:

  1. She left.
  2. She came back.
  3. I tipped over the black rolly bag cause I’m boss.
  4. She just left again and returned with this guy (and his foster mom)…

This uninvited guest dude and I are not sure what to make of one another.  She says he is staying with us for the weekend. She said his family had him and another yellow lab (like me) but they decided not to keep this little guy, even though they’d had him for four years.  Uh, news flash:  they probably didn’t want him because A LOT OF NOISE COMES OUT OF HIM. I think he’s part pig.  It has not been smooth sailing, there has been lunging and snarling.  But there have been some ok moments too cause I’m a pretty chill guy and I’m REAL good at ignoring midget dogs.

He’s in a tie down right now so I’m pretty sure that means him and his mom will be leaving soon.  I mean his leash is already on so that’s a good sign. Right? How many days is a weekend?

13 thoughts on “Friday with Melvin: Uninvited guest.

  1. What a cutie! Is he part frencie? Frenchies are secretly my favorite breed. I’m a sucker for big ears and wrinkly faces! Hope you guys get through the weekend ok, Melvin sounds like he reacts to four legged houseguest the same way Nola does- toleration, not quite love.

    • I am fairly certain he is all Frenchie (although big for the breed). He’s so sweet. Melvin is enjoying the tie down and crate time and every time the little guy makes one of his noises, Melvin leaps up terrified.

    • Melvin is not super good about reading other dog’s cues so every time the piglet snorts (which is pretty much 24/7), Melvin thinks he’s growling so he growls back. It’s comical and annoying!

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