Friday with Melvin: Me likey comfort.

Hey, hey, Melvin man here!  I heard that She posted a story about how I mess up my our Her bed everyday.  Uh, if by mess up you mean make it better, then yes indeedy I do that! I don’t get the whole ‘making the bed’ concept.  I think the bed is best when not made.

Listen, I work hard.  My day is long and it’s my job to lay on every surface in the house.  When I get to the bed and it’s made, I have to drag all the stuff around to make it layable upon.  It’s called overtime and yet I have not seen a salary increase in four years.  I should probably strike.

Last week she went to see her brother’s new house and she packed up some soft stuff to take over to him and her sister-in-law in the case they couldn’t find their sheets right away and needed to make (why people why?!) their bed.  I got sorta worried when the big box of fluffy stuff got carried out, but after some investigation I realized it was extra stuff so we were I was good. When she came back with the fluffy stuff and put it at the bottom of the step, I said ‘thank you, don’t mind if I do’ and I hopped on in.

What?  Is this not for me?

6 thoughts on “Friday with Melvin: Me likey comfort.

  1. Our dogs (all 3 of them) do the same thing anytime an inch of softness hits the floor. You should see how Maggie manages, over the course of an hour of TV watching, to somehow wrangle the blanket from covering me on the couch to cushioning her on the floor. It’s true talent, I tell ya!

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