Sandy vs. the Mudroom.

One of my favorite things about this house is the mudroom.  Not just because it houses all the stuff I just HAD to buy for Melvin but because no matter what we face out on a walk (mud, rain, snow), I can bring him into the mudroom and make him houseworthy.

In preparation for Sandy, the beverage refrigerator is stocked with plenty of adult beverages.  The spare bedroom is made up (no trees on that side of the house).  A bathtub is full of water (just in case, although Melvin thinks it’s a giant drinking bowl) and frozen food is being cooked as I type.  There are plenty of shows downloaded to the iPad and after I push ‘Publish’, I can check blog post off my list.

Most importantly, Melvin’s raincoat is hung up in the mudroom and the mudroom is ready for Sandy.  One door out to the yard, one door out to the garage — that means we can go out for bathroom breaks one way or the other.

6 thoughts on “Sandy vs. the Mudroom.

  1. Wow, your mudroom is ADORABLE! I’m so jealous! I especially love your little table with all of the colorful buckets!

    Stay safe during the storm!

  2. Yeesh, our mudroom looks so utilitarian in comparison! We have 5 coat/leash hooks, two boot trays and a small pile of outdoor toys. Might have to pick up a cool bucket for the toys after seeing this!

    Hey, is the foster cutie still there?

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