With an itch, itch here and an itch, itch there…

If you ask me what Melvin is allergic to, I will tell you it’s easier to list out the things he is not allergic to.  On the ‘not allergic to list’ would have been his flea & tick collar.  But that item has jumped ships.

Melvin cannot take most oral treatments due to allergies to many fillers found in tablets and chews. This includes heart-worm/flea/tick medication thus we use topical Revolution.  Revolution does a great job at heart-worm protection but only a so, so job at flea & tick prevention, thus we have always supplemented him with a prescription flea & tick collar.  A few weeks ago we found out that the company that has been producing his specific collar no longer makes it.  So we switched. He almost immediately started itching but since it was still fake fall here, he was itchy in general.

Luckily, since I’m addicted to Sirius Republic dog collars and switch out his collar every few weeks, I was quick to see just how red and raw his poor neck was becoming. I ran him over to the vet, they shaved his neck and after some Animax he’s healing nicely.  Tick collar is off and he’s now on two topical treatment for heart-worm, fleas & ticks.  Check. Check.

We are one step away from ‘dog in a bubble’ status.

8 thoughts on “With an itch, itch here and an itch, itch there…

  1. Have you tried diatomaceous earth? I was skeptical when I heard of it. It’s nothing more than finely ground fossil. But I can attest that after using it for 2 years I have not seen flea one. You can dust it on his coat. You can also mix in a sprayer with water and treat your yard. It really does work. Be sure to buy food grade.

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