Why the face?

I have had Melvin for just over four years and have been asked several hundred times about what’s behind the sad face.  I always say, ‘that’s just his face’.  When I first got him, I fell in love with his sad expression.  I had met him, I knew how exuberant and outgoing he was, so I didn’t feel too terrible about enjoying his weepy expression.  In fact, his mopey face, is part of the joy of my every day.

5 thoughts on “Why the face?

  1. Bahah, I love his face! I get that comment with Rufus a lot, too. “He looks miserable.” or “Why’s he so sad??” and I usually just say “He lives a sweet life and is loved to pieces, so I’m guessing that’s just the hound in him.” Haha oh goodness

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