Introducing, Jake!

Meet Jake!  Jake is a 5-year-old French Bulldog who is super adorable and funny as hell.  It seems he may not have been to the vet very often in his previous life. He has Ehrlichiosis (tick born infection), so that is something I’ll be discussing with the vet at his wellness appointment this Saturday. Other than that, he makes ridiculously loud noises that shake the house.  Jake has been his name for his whole life.  I was hoping to not know his name so I could use one of the  many names that comes to mind when I look at him,   but I do know and when I call “Jake”, he comes running. His name, is Jake.

You will recall that Melvin and Jake met a few weeks back and that it went well enough for me to want to adopt Jake.  The re-meet was not what I would call joyous, but it was fine. We are doing the separation approach for a few weeks, especially since I have to travel for work this week.  So for now, Jake is in the mudroom during the day and in my room in a soft crate at night, while Melvin of course has full house access. Melvin is sure to alert Jake of his run of the house by passing by the mudroom several times a day to say ‘ha, ha’.   The boys see each other through a baby gate and they have been doing fantastic with this set up.  When Melvin does drive-bys. they both get an A+ for acknowledging but not reacting.

They have also successfully been on walks together so that is also a huge step in the right direction. During their first meeting a while back, walking together was something they did splendidly so  while I could walk them both separately, I was hoping to have them reconnect on that activity and it seems to be working out for now.

Next week we will move to separation mode when I’m at work and tie down for Jake when I’m home.  Baby. Steps. Indeed.

And here is big brother.  He doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. Everyone knows, big dogs are better and cuter AND allowed on the couch.

18 thoughts on “Introducing, Jake!

  1. Jake is a solid name! It compliments “Melvin” well, too. I think they will be just fine – maybe even friends?? Rufus and I ran into a cairn terrier on our walk yesterday, and he did so well! I think he’s secretly letting me know he’d prefer a smaller companion as well.

    • Melvin and Jake sounds a bit like Pixar’s next movie! I can def tell you from one leash walker to another, walking a big one and a small one is MUCH easier than two biggies!

  2. He’s too cute as Frenchies are. Kissing booth material, just saying’.

    Jake doesn’t come off the lips as easy as some names though. You know, if you like Jack better he’d probably adjust in no time at all.


  3. Oh, my! That face is just one that needs a kiss regularly! I love the name Jake, could be because I have a Jake, too (shorty Jack Russell) and a big ol’ (121 lbs) black Lab, Harley who let me occupy their house. Together they are fine, but let another male dog within 5 miles and they are NOT happy about that. We’ve been looking for another adoptee but haven’t found the right “she” dog yet. Many blessings and hugs for your babies!

  4. 1. Jake is adorable (those googly eyes slay me)!
    2. Rufus totally taunts Turk when he is in the kennel and Rufus gets to be out. So funny!
    3. Sounds like you have the introduction steps down pat. Can’t wait to hear how everything goes.
    4. YOU GOT JAKE!!!!!!!!! (if the rescue hadn’t picked you, I would’ve sent them a strongly worded letter)!

  5. Congrats to Jake! He’s a lucky dog, and so cute! He looks like an animated Pixar character in the second picture. 🙂 Glad you’re taking it slow, hopefully he and Melvin will be best buds soon.

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