Oldest child.

When my sister was born, I was miserable.  In fact, she had to stay in the hospital for a few days so when my parents came home without her I claimed a huge victory.  When she eventually did arrive, I pushed her bassinet out onto the front porch and shut the front door.  True story.

Thus far, Melvin is handling oldest child syndrome much better than I did!  I mean sure, he has a general look of disgust on his face, and every time Jake snorts I see the hairs on Melvin’s back twitch.  But all in all, Melvin has been a flippen rock star!!!  Of course, his new brother is still on the other side of a baby gate so…

Speaking of the gate.  How in the world do people live the double life that is necessary to acclimate two dogs into a household.  I give Melvin a treat and then go into the mudroom to bond with Jake.  I snuggle with Melvin on the couch but can feel Jake burning a hole into my skull watching us. Is this why parents of multiple 2-legged children get nannies?

It took a few days weeks months for me to love my sister. It was that life changing love that gave me divine purpose. Melvin and Jake may or may not ever feel that for one another, but for now, I’m just happy that we are — so far, so good!

Also, Jake had a vet appointment (for a much-needed bath and ‘butt area grooming’) and the following was said to me:  “at first we were surprised how many nipples he had, then we thought perhaps one was a hernia but as it turns out, he just has a really, really pronounced belly button’.

Dogs have belly buttons, this I did not know.

7 thoughts on “Oldest child.

  1. Dogs have belly buttons??? GET OUT! Huh, maybe that’s what Cooper has on his belly, I always thought it was an old scar from his pre-Foster House days. Interesting. I think that Melvin, once he figured out Jake isn’t going anywhere, will come to LOVE his little brother – just like you did with your sister. It’ll take some time, but it’s going to be sooo worth it…I’m fast forwarding in my head a couple months and I can’t WAIT to see Melvin/Jake snuggle pictures, I KNOW it’ll happen!!

    (BTW I am officially obsessed with Jake, he is the CUTEST!)

  2. When my sister was born, I did not like her breastfeeding (My Mom & My Boob!) so I attempted to drag her off and throw her on the floor. True story. 🙂

    If Melvin can use Jake as a pillow, I’m pretty sure they’ll be best buds in no time.

  3. I’m so looking for Mazzie’s belly button the moment I get home tonight!!!! And so funny what you did when your sister came home. I tried to pull mine out of her crib…. Sounds like so far, so good with Melvin and Jake. I’m with you re how do people do it with 2, baby gates, etc. Keep us posted!!!!

  4. what?!?! dogs have belly buttons?!?! No way!

    True story: After my parents brought my brother home from the hospital I asked my mom when his parents were going to come get him. Ah, siblings…. 😉

    Sometimes doggie intros take time. You can’t go wrong taking it slowly and you’re doing a great job. Just think of how nice it will be when they’re all happy and fully sharing the house together 🙂

  5. The first week we had Coco in the house, Kelly, our 8 year old beagle, wanted nothing to do with her. Now, just a month later, they are fast friends. Coco has added fun back into Kelly’s life with her playfulness. Kelly actually seeks Coco out for playtime! It’s been such fun for me to watch their relationship develop.

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