Oh Christmas Tree.

I love all things Christmas!  I have been collecting tree ornaments, pretty much since birth.  As children,  our next door neighbor used to make us ornaments for our ‘future tree’.  Every single ornament on my tree is one-of-a-kind (for the tree, not one-of-a-kind for the whole world!) and I can tell you where I got each and every one.

Over the years there have been many dog ornaments added, both purchased and received as gifts.  This year, the dogs got their own tree.  There is only one dog ornament that had to go on the big tree.  It’s a real dog bone with shellac over it that has Max’s name on it.  Melvin can smell a 10-year-old dog bone, covered in a chemical used to preserve it, and has jumped up to try to eat it no less than 75 times.



18 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree.

  1. OMG! I looovvveeee that you have a tree just for dog ornaments! That is such a cute idea! I have been ornament hunting and just can’t seem to find the perfect ornament for Athena’s first Christmas with us. I will continue my search though!

  2. Just gorgeous! I’m that way with ornaments, too. Besides from friends and family, I also try to collect one little thing to put on the tree when I go on vacation (thankfully, I don’t travel a lot) LOL

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