Making a list, not checking it twice.

It has been a rough week in this home.  Let’s just say that diarrhea is difficult to get out of shag carpet and leave it at that.

I was laying in bed last night going over all the things Melvin and I have been through together (medically) in the past four years.  I must be insane because the whole recap made me laugh….

( * = multiple times)

  • Yeast infections ******
  • Mange
  • Giardia *****
  • Severe allergies *****************************************
  • Skin infections **************
  • Hair loss
  • Diarrhea **************
  • Bloody Diarrhea *******
  • Vomiting **********
  • Regurgitation *****************************************
  • Nausea ***************************************
  • Seizures *
  • Tremors ****
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Unexplained weight gain (me and him on this one)
  • Unexplained exhaustion
  • Infected anal glands **
  • Brain MRI
  • Spinal tap
  • Ultrasounds ***
  • X-rays *******
  • Tail amputation

Is anyone currently confused as to how I came to name this blog, “Oh Melvin”?

Today we added a visit with another awesome specialist, Dr. Miller, Internist.  She did a work up on him, including ultrasound.  There were no visible tumors (yay!) and she does not feel it is Cushing’s.  Unfortunately his blood work suggests something is going on (liver counts that are way, way too high and have been for a while) so after the holidays and after another blood test, we are going to do a liver biopsy.

In the meantime she is starting him on treatment for colitis and gave us pain meds for his obvious discomfort.  He’s also starting on a liver supplement.

That is all I know.  We are doing good, much better than the shag carpet.  Thank you for your well wishes and check-ins.  I love our blog community so friggen much!

14 thoughts on “Making a list, not checking it twice.

  1. Is he taking Denamarin for his liver enzymes? Brutus was on that for awhile and he thought they were treats. I hope everything comes back a-okay after the Holidays!

    • Yes! We have not started it yet but I was planning on hiding it in his food like all his other pills. Good to know it might taste good! Thinking about you, hope you’re doing ok. 🙂

  2. Holy moly! I had no idea that you have been through so much with Melvin! I sure hope his current ailment is cured very quickly! He must be a real trooper after going through so much.

    • That list reminds me that it’s always turned out OK and helps me have faith if we have to add to it! And of course, as always, he is the happiest sufferer ever!

  3. oh man, I started a list like that once and I couldn’t bring myself to post it. A dog I used to have (pre-blog) had colitis once and she recovered from it very well. Lots of good thoughts to you and Melvin! (p.s. do you have a blog email address?? I’d like to send you a message but can’t find it :()

    • Each specialist asks for a run down of his history and I always do it by memory but we are reaching a point where I will forget something! After I wrote it out I scribbled on a piece of paper, ‘and he has always been ok’! You can email me at . Glad to hear that about your pre-blog-dog!

  4. So sorry you have such a long list! Poor Melvin!
    I thought Maggie was a project dog before, but you unfortunately “win”. 🙂 You are such a super dog mama!
    (Also sorry about the shag carpet, we had to give up and toss a carpet that Serena (cat) repeatedly used to express her displeasure at a non-standard cat litter. We went through a few types and gallons of enzyme cleaner. :()

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