Mirror, mirror.

In the past two weeks I have started seeing so many similarities between Melvin and Jake.

  1. Neither of them knows their own size. If you (could) pick 80 lb. Melvin up, he is a heap of dog jello.  He melts into you as if he has no bones, which makes it difficult to remain upright.  If you pick 30 lb. Jake up, he forms a stone statue.  Legs rigid, unable to bend. He’s a manageable size to hold, yet, not.
  2. They both love food.  Yay! And, they both liquid burp after eating.  Boo!
  3. Noises that come from them both are unnatural. I always joked that I should have named Melvin, Chewbacca.  He could do voice overs in the next Star Wars.  Jake snores and snorts so loudly that you can feel the vibrations from across the room.
  4. They both love to sleep in.  Thank the good Lord!
  5. Both graduated, with honors, from the school of ‘when you drink, get equal parts of water in your mouth to what you get on the floor’.
  6. They both look to me for guidance, especially when we are all trying to move forward. Walk, walk, stop and look to me for confirmation we should still walk, as I trip over both of them.
  7. Their love for me is very deep, we are seeking a trainer to assist with this so that it does not cause issue.

The main difference thus far…

  1. Doorways.  Melvin could live his life standing in a doorway.  He loves to block all doors from closing and thus me from leaving.  Jake on the other hand seems to have a fear of doorways as he slows down upon approach and then bullets through as if trying to avoid time warp. Usually this culminates in Melvin pausing in the doorway just as Jake speeds up and Jake ends up ramming Melvin’s butt with his head.  I am almost certain that one day, Jake’s head will end up in Melvin’s butt.  He may need a helmet.

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