Hi, I’m Jake.

I guess I’m staying here.  I used to have a life somewhere else.  I had a mom and a dad and a yellow lab brother.  They didn’t have a lot of time for me.  One day someone came to get me and even though my mom cried, she also let me go.  I went to a house with a new mom and dad and another Yellow Lab.  There was also another Frenchie there.  I thought maybe I was going to live there but then She came to get me and now I live with yet another Yellow Lab.  Is there a Yellow Lab in every house in America?  Do they just come with the house?

I didn’t unpack my (emotional) bags right away cause I figured I was going to go to a planet of Yellow Labs another house.  But with each day I seem to be learning things that indicate I’m staying.  That’s cool.  I like it here.  She is a calm person so I don’t have to do the thing where when someone come towards me, I run away.  I mean I can just stay in the space I’m in and She will either stop and pet me or she’ll walk by me and it’s all good.  My inner spaz  seems to settle down here.  Also, there are A LOT of dog beds here and fatty Yellow Lab brother barely uses any of them!

There are a few things that I don’t LOVE

  1. I have to stay in a small room behind a gate when She’s gone.  He gets to run around the whole house like he owns the place.  I guess maybe he’s too fat to fit in this room.  Some days I pretend he’s the one behind the gate and I laugh and laugh and then right when I’m really cracking myself up he does a drive by and I realize this is how inmates must feel.  
  2. She does not enjoy my leash pulling.  Apparently she does not feel the need to freeze like a statue then pull like a maniac if she sees another dog, person, squirrel or piece of trash blowing in the wind.  That makes me wonder about her.  I mean you see one of those things and you stop, statue, pull.  Doy.  So now she makes me wear a gentle (uh whatever) leader harness.  She says that walks now make her want to drink less. I say, give me back my bronco buck moves!  Also, the harness is purple.  I’m a man. I realize Yellow dog is a rainbow flag waver but I like the ladies and purple does not match my manly macho moves.
  3. My new brother.  What is up with that dude?  He does not like to play, I mean it’s not even like he’ll play for one minute then stop.  He. Just. Won’t. Play. Is he dead inside?  Is he a robot?  Sometimes I ram his butt with my head and I can feel his butt cheeks clench like he’s trying to cut my head off.  I shall just continue to try to break him down, I’m sure he’s just playing hard to get.  I know She seems to really like him so I need to win him over.

I get fed pretty good food here, I like all the walks, She loves on me and she’s trying really hard to find a jacket that fits me (we are on jacket 7 and she still keeps trying) so I guess I’ll stay for a while longer.  I’m faster than Yellow dog so I’m pretty sure he won’t be able to eat me.


3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Jake.

  1. Nice to meet your Jake… and you’re right there are Labs in a lot of houses… in fact there are two in mine… but they’re chocolate and black. I’m sure in time this new place will start to feel like home and that brother of yours will come around and maybe play a game or two with you… maybe if you didn’t ram your head into his butt he’d come around quicker?

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