Kindness and gratitude.

A few weeks ago, one of our blogger family members lost her heart dog, Brutus.  Many of you probably read M’s blog.  She writes with such a gentleness, you can feel in her words how much she loves her family — four-legged and two.  Brutus had been sick and M and her hubby knew their time would be too short.  That never makes it easier.

M was reading about Melvin’s liver issues and when I mentioned that he was taking a liver supplement, she immediately reached out to me to say they had a bottle leftover.  She wanted Melvin to have it.  Love. Love. Love.

The package arrived today and I’m grateful for many things.  For her thinking of Melvin, when you have dog that is at the vet several times a month, these acts of kindness help so much. I’m grateful for M and her generous heart, right down the cute packaging and her indication that rattling was ‘okay’.  Most especially, I’m grateful for all things Brutus.  Heart dogs make us better people.


4 thoughts on “Kindness and gratitude.

  1. Melvin is probably like “come on lady, at least send me some treats too!” I wanted to, but knew that Melvin only gets special food and didn’t want him to be jealous of Jake 🙂

  2. It’s never easy to lose a pup pal… I feel for them. And, I’m glad they thought of Melvin and his liver issues. I know that will help you out. It sounds like this is a pretty cool family… I’m going to check out their blog, I’ve not seen it before.

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