Dunder Mifflin.

I get a lot of request to share some decorating info and pictures of the house.  I thought from time to time I would post decorating stuff and pics.  So I’m starting at the front of the house, with The Office (do you get the title of this post now?).  When you walk through the front door, my office is the first room to the right. Not many people use the front door of my house (I have doors all over this joint) but when they did I wanted this room to make people immediately get a sense of what the rest of the house is like.  Modern, but soft.  Bold, but not wham blam in your face. Fun, quirky and still sophisticated.  Just like me.

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I knew I wanted a white desk, mostly just because sitting at a white desk makes me happy.  Even though the main pieces are white, they still make a glossy, girly statement.  The other two colors I wanted to use without them being too overwhelming were black and pink.

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Melvin lays at my feet when I’m in the office and he saunters in and out of this room while I’m gone so of course there is a soft carpet and a water bowl.  Watching out the front window for the brown truck man can really make him work up a thirst (if you look closely, you’ll see him in the photo below, standing guard).

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This room did not come together overnight.  The very first thing I bought was that black and white chair (Home Goods) and I went from there.  Desk and credenza (Crate & Barrel), then rug (thefoundary.com), the curtains were originally bought for a different room but they looked better in the office (Ballard Design), then book shelf (Home Goods), then art and accessories (Home Goods, Home Goods, Home Goods -seriously people, join me in my addiction!).  I think most people get overwhelmed at the accessories part so I always suggest saving that to the end.  Those things should enhance the mood of the room, not set it.

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Lastly, there is a photo of Max in each room of my house.  Every home needs some soul.

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27 thoughts on “Dunder Mifflin.

  1. I love it! The closest Home Goods is just over an hour away, but we make it a point to stop at TJ Maxx and scour the home section at least once a week for something that we just “have to have!” And Joe pointed out that we have a picture of Brutus in almost every room of our house too!

  2. Yeah for decor posts! Dogs + home decor = my two favorite blog subjects 😉

    And I too love that you have a photo of Max in every room. So sweet.

  3. Beautiful! Looks just like Dunder Mifflin 😉 Andddd I flipplin’ LOVE Homegoods. I always go there before anywhere else when looking for a decorator item…or kitchen item….or pet item. They often have amazing things in the pet section.

  4. Oh, when I seen your title…Dunder Mifflin…I had to read this post! (That’s what she said!) Don’t you miss Steve Carrell? Fav episode? Mine is “The Injury”. Your room is beautiful by the way!!!! Loved the sweet doggie face looking through the window.

  5. Love Queen of Effing Everything since I am the Queen of Zoom! That black roller skate is awesome too….my long-haired biker husband used to be an award-winning pairs roller skater many, many years ago 😉

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