This was a whirlwind weekend.  We said good-bye to a family member, celebrated my mom’s birthday, had a baptism for three wonderful kiddos and then the Super Bowl (which was a non-event for me personally — Go Skins!).

I was looking at the very quick photos I snapped of my mom’s birthday dinner and it appears Jake was in the center of the action.  Seamlessly, he just fit.

One thing we found out is that Jake does not like tutu’s (mostly when they are connected to a two-year old in motion) and he did not offer gentle play to said two-year old either.  In all honestly, I didn’t expect Jake to do great with small children.   He’s a rough player, he did the same thing to Melvin at first until Melvin made him stop. Jake knew almost instantly that he was being watched, but he didn’t expect every adult in the room to stand-up for the human munchkin.  We had discussed that Jake might not be good with kids so he was under constant supervision.  It’s something to work on with him, harnessing his inner spaz.

photo[2] photo[3] photo photo[1]

For those of you wondering, yes, Melvin was there also!  At my feet as usual.

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  1. Jake sounds a lot like Boomer and Dottie when they were younger. They always had to be right in the middle of things but as they’ve aged they’ve decided it’s best to just sniff and then go find a comfy spot to watch. Although tutus would scare both of them and they might just freak out and run away!

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