The week in review: Melvin’s version.

What. Up. Yo? Been a pretty fun week around here, the geese are out and pooping everywhere and me likely the goose-poo!  She doesn’t seem to appreciate the same goose delicacies that I do, She’s so weird.

She got new closets for me.  She says the closets were done for her but I know that ultimately, every thing is for me.  She is trying out new rugs in my her new closets and well let’s just say, that Lady knows what I like!  Furry rugs all up in my… Anywho…

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Brother googly-eyes and me are doing good.  That dude is hister-a-cow!  He honks and grunts and those eyes, just staring at him makes me dizzy. Here we are doing some stuff that brothers do…

Us being artsy.  Doesn’t it seem like we are about to rattle off some bitchen poetry or haiku?

2 22 13b

Here we are just hanging out after Jake got home from work. Apparently She thought the carpet deserved more space in the photo than I did.  .

2 22 13c

In this photo we are trying to form a ‘T’ cause that is the first letter in Her name.

2 22 13d

And lastly, a photo of us trying to will the refrigerator door to open and all the food to jump out, into our mouths.  This never happened.

2 22 13e

Happy weekend.  Melvin (and Jake), over and out.

12 thoughts on “The week in review: Melvin’s version.

  1. Way to go, brothers! It sounds like a pretty awesome week – keep working on your telepathic powers and you’ll be chowing down on mom’s leftovers in no time!

  2. So glad the boys are getting along! They are both so darn cute, in completely different ways. Love the Google & Bing nicknames!

    On an earlier post you mentioned people asking when you’re going to leave them together when you go out. I think we crated Maggie and Duke for about a year when we weren’t home, then we still crated at night for another 6 months or more. Now they get to hang out together in the kitchen when we’re out, otherwise they would eat all the cat food, clean the litter box and shred anything they can get in the rest of the house. What you’re doing looks like it’s working!

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