No matter what Melvin does, Jake copies him.  If Melvin gets up, Jake gets up.  Melvin shakes, Jake shakes.  Melvin runs to window, Jake gets trampled by Melvin then he follows his big brother.  They have even started yawning at the same time.  Jake also seeks to occupy a space as soon as Melvin vacates it.

Melvin will opt for one side and even when he feels Jake staring at him, waiting for him to move, he’ll linger.

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And then, boom, Jake takes the spot one nano second after Melvin leaves.

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Sometimes Jake is not so subtle, he’ll literally stalk the spot…

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And success…(yes, he’s sniffing where Melvin’s head just was, any professional stalker would do the same).

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11 thoughts on “Copycat.

  1. A french bulldog in a hooded sweatshirt and sugar skull collar could be one of the cutest things EVER!! Like baby piglet cute!!

  2. This might be completely random, but did you know that dogs are “sympathetic yawners” the same way people are? If they (a person or a dog) sees someone else yawn, they are inclined to yawn too. Apparently the more likely they are to yawn, the more sympathetic they are as a person/dog. Therefore Jake is the nicest little dude around and it’s scientifically proven 😉

  3. How cute are they! I love the part “Melvin runs to window, Jake gets trampled by Melvin then he follows his big brother”. Sounds like a functional sibling relationship to me!

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