Yellow Brick Home = Happiness (times infinity)

I had seen others post photos of their Yellow Brick Home pet portraits and I’d be filled with such happiness for them and EXTREME jealousy for myself.  You know the type of envy I’m talking about, the angel side of you thinks ‘good for them!’ and the devil side thinks ‘I want the goose that lays the golden egg!’.

So I commissioned one.  Even hitting the ‘buy’ button was exciting!  The exchanges that occurred via email about colors (hot pink!), mood (the odd couple) and ideas (I wanted it to celebrate how their differences make them so much alike) were extremely delightful.  It was an awesome experience from purchase to delivery!   You know how you can just sense a person is delightful, even through email.  Yeah, that’s how it went.  I sigh just thinking about it.

I was in the Bahamas when YBH posted the photo of my boys on Instagram and Facebook.  The noise that came from me when I saw it was probably a healthy mix of teenage-girl-meets-Bieber and a hyena-in-heat.  I. Was. In. Love!

Upon return from vacation, even the delivery box made me squeal! The detail on the painting is friggen amazing, I mean seriously people, this is talent – from the freckles on Melvin’s face to Jake’s wrinkles.  It’s my boys, on hot pink deliciousness!

So to all of you who want one (and I’m a tad embarrassed about my immaturity) but HA, HA!!!!  Me gots one!

IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3120

32 thoughts on “Yellow Brick Home = Happiness (times infinity)

  1. The momma is super jealous! She saw their picture on the facebooks when YBH posted it, it really came out fantastic! Some day, she’ll get the handsome Corbin face on one.

  2. Oh my goshhhhhh, loooooooove this! I have wanted one for so long, and have also hinted it for a present idea…apparently that’s not working, haha. Which size did you get??

  3. Aww, we LOVE Yellow Brick Home and have become addicts! The Odd Couple portrait is so cool. I love it! (and we agree about the insane amount of detail–such teeny lines–how does she do it?)

  4. JELOUS!!! The day will come when Oscar gets his very own YBH paiting….*sigh* Can I just tell you how much I love your play-by-play pictures of opening the box?? I have no idea how you showed such restraint, I would have torn into that sucker like the tasmanian devil.

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