Did Jake come with a warranty?

In my absence (or perhaps before I even left) Jake managed to split a nail and crack a tooth.  The nail got partially pulled and we are watching it and doing some meds and the tooth has to be pulled (the root is exposed).  Poor guy! He’ll have to be put under anesthesia for the tooth and that always makes me cry nervous.   I do sort of feel like this was the defining moment that he was meant to be mine though.

For now, here are some recent pics.  Pretty sure they are hoping for the dog sitter to come back in all these photos!

3 29 13b

Is that awesome dog sitter coming back? i hope so.

3 29 13a

Oh where, oh where did my dog sitter go?

3 29 13

Hey you, my toe and tooth hurt. Fix it.

3 29 13c

I’m hungry.


Wait, why do I only have one sock on, is this a joke? Stop calling me LL Cool Jake.

7 thoughts on “Did Jake come with a warranty?

  1. I love how mopey he is over the dog walker, way to guilt trip Mom 😛 I feel for you because mouth & paws are not fun places to treat on pups. Hope LL Cool Jake is feeling better soon!

  2. Poooooor Jake!! We’ve dealt with both of those things, but on different dogs (Molly Tamale = broken nail, Cooper = tooth). I get so nervous too every time one of my fur-babies had to go under anesthesia. I’m glad the Jake-ster is OK!!

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