Under the knife.

Jake goes in for a teeth cleaning and tooth pull tomorrow.  Apparently dogs generally do well with having teeth pulled as their teeth do not have deep roots like us humans do.  Of course, whatever the recovery, we’ll be sure to pamper him a crazy amount.

While I have appreciation for anesthesia (who in the world would want to be awake for a surgery) It scares the be-geezus out of me.  I tend to worry more about being put under anesthesia than I do the procedure at hand.  My first question is always “is he/she awake” and then I will follow-up with how it went.  When I’ve had surgeries, I ask the anesthesiologist 25 questions about where they went to school, what place in class they graduated and how many procedures they do a year.  And yes, there are right and wrong answers and yes, I have asked to see diplomas.

We’ll keep you posted!  Admittedly, I’m a bit too excited about seeing Jake in a cone collar.  I just think it will look so adorable around his ginormous head and it’s really gonna accentuate those eyes!  Sorta like his turtleneck sweater, only much, much more.


9 thoughts on “Under the knife.

  1. Aww, poor thing. good luck and keep us posted. I’ve had Tess’s teeth cleaned twice, and I’m with you… the anesthesia freaks me out, especially with dogs.

  2. You are definitely in our thoughts…Poor Jake…I am a mess about anesthesia too, so you are not alone!!!! Trev and I send well wishes, strong health and healing and love!!!!

  3. You’re talking to the choir at our house. Buster, 13 yo, had to have a canine removed a few weeks ago. Took him to my rabbit vet who I know is an excellent oral surgeon, but I still worried. I don’t think Jake will need a cone for a tooth pull, but if he does, I really like the blow up donuts ( except if you have The Corbin 😉

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