Jake’s nurse.

This weekend was full of crying (Jake, not me), throw-up (Jake again) and wonky legs that didn’t work right (to be fair, that was probably all of us).

Jake had some issues with the anesthesia during the procedure (blood pressure kept dropping) and I didn’t get to pick him up until late Friday night. He was high as a flippen kite when I finally got to see him and if you think his eyes are hysterical on a normal day, you should see those things hyped on anesthesia and pain meds.  To add insult to injury, his hind legs were unaware they were even attached to his body. I would have taken video but carrying him made video chronicling difficult.

Friday was a long, rough night.  Pee leaked out of him, pretty constantly, so I was up all night changing out what was underneath him. (Dog ownership is so extremely sexy sometimes). Even if that hadn’t been the case we would have been up, he wept like a baby monkey all night.  He couldn’t get comfortable so either could I — we have to take care of our babies!  He refused to eat or drink so he couldn’t have meds. Ugh, ugh and one more UGH.

Saturday morning, it got worse.  His back legs were still wonky and he was having a hard time peeing (the correct way).  Then the projectile vomiting started.  We were of course at the vet the moment they opened and as per usual, the entire staff was awesome.  He got some x-rays (all clear), a shot to help with the nausea and they assured me the pee issue would correct itself (it has!).  A few hours later and we were on our way back home.  It got better from there and Saturday night there was sleep.  Wooohooooo, sleep is AWESOME!  Sign me up for some sweet, sweet sleep!

Melvin was the perfect big brother this weekend. I had to put Melvin second, something he has NEVER had to experience.  Melvin could have easily opted to poop in my bed to communicate how he felt about me doting on Jake, but  instead he just sat and waited patiently.  And I rewarded him with extra walks and special frozen Kongs made just for him.  I love him for every reason, this weekend for being easy.

Some photos of the patient and his awesome big brother…

4 29 13

Are we going to the zoo?

4 29 13a

Day two at the vet. Boo.

4 29 13b

Subcutaneous fluids, otherwise known and Jake’s lovely lady hump.

4 29 13c

Finally, he’s sleeping.

4 29 13d

This whole ‘poor Jake’ is getting old real quick.

4 29 13e

No, seriously, I’m getting sick of this.

4 29 13f

Ah yes, that look of disgust means we are getting back to normal.

20 thoughts on “Jake’s nurse.

  1. Oh poor Jakey! I’m so sorry you had such a rough weekend, but I am thankful that Melvin made your life a tad bit easier by taking the “easy going dude” role. 🙂 I’m also thankful that Jake’s legs are working again. I don’t think it’s quite time for him to bust out the back leg wheelchair just yet!

  2. Awww, poor little man!! Feeling yucky is no fun. You are such a good dog-momma! I know the feeling, you just want to drop everything and make them feel better. I’m so glad to hear Jake is on the mend, and Melvin…oh Melvin, I just love you for being such an amazing big brother!!

  3. Oh no! It must have been so hard to see him that uncomfortable. Once we got to pick up Miss M while she was still under the medicine effect and her eyes were like huge zombie eyes. I can’t even imagine what Jake’s were like.

  4. Goodness…Trev and I are so glad Jake is getting better shew!!!! Our dental experience was horrid too…But Jake not being able to fully walk and the uncontrollable bladder, I would have freaked…What have you done to my dog!!!!! You are a pawesome dog mom and he is so lucky to have you!!!! It proves you can’t keep a great dog down!!!! 🙂 Even if Melvin disagrees!!!! Hugs to all of you!!!!

  5. Poor Jake! Hurley’s been going through a milder version of this – peeing normally and not projective vomiting – but he’s been on pain meds and in an e-cone for a couple days now and the boy is starting not to be too happy about his fate. Poor Maggie, the queen of fairness, has not been too pleased about him getting all the attention. We will be spending lots of time this week making it up to her too. Glad to hear that Melvin’s being a good older brother!

  6. I’m sorry your baby’s not feeling well! But I must say, you make even the unsexiest of dog parenting experiences super entertaining to read about! The priceless expressions on Melvin’s & Jake’s faces are pretty awesome too 🙂

  7. So glad Jake is feeling better! I honestly can’t imagine how worried you must have been. When Rufus had a growth removed, he was so drugged up when i get him home that he kept leaning in to pee but nothing came out. He was so confused, haha.

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