The new dynamic.

The boys are doing great!  Melvin loves Jake in his own special way, by tolerating him and giving him room to be…Jake. Jake on the other hand, adores Melvin. Borderline stalking. While he has given up on trying to engage Melvin in play (smart dog Jake), he still follows him around like a lovesick puppy and tries to inch as close to Melvin as possible. It’s hard to say what’s funnier, Jake looking to me as if to say ‘do you think he’ll eat me if I move one inch closer’ or Melvin looking as if to say ‘are we still not eating brother?’.

This is most evident on the big bed.  Jake is not allowed on the big bed without permission.  Once up there, he seeks acceptance by Melvin and it’s comical to watch.  On days when Jake does not get invited up on the big bed, he will settle for the bench at the foot of the bed.  And often, he will use my planned outfit for the day as extra cushioning. I mean clearly, that is why I laid that dress there.

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8 thoughts on “The new dynamic.

  1. They sound like brothers to me. 🙂 Balton adores his “big” brother Ollie, and while I believe Ollie loves him..some days he looks at me as if to say, “Really, is he still here?”

  2. HAHA – too funny! Tess tolerates Ed most of the time. And Ed thinks Tess is there to play with him whenever he feels like it. Every once in awhile we catch them snuggled up close — Tess even moved from her spot in the couch to be closer to Ed!

  3. Sounds like my two…our older boy, Zev, likes Lexi (newly adopted princess), but he is the type of dog that likes his people best. After a few rough spots after Lexi first came home he has learned to tolerate her bursts of goofiness and her tendency to follow him around! He has even started to play with her more and more and really does seem to like her.
    Lexi, on the other hand, LOVES Zev. She will follow him around, curl up to him on the bed, etc. She asks him to play often, and he will play when we wants to but ignore her when he doesn’t. She loves to get attention from him!

  4. while I don’t think Annie has ever thought of eating Paul, she has done this move where she pins him against the wall with her back side and nips at him with her head. Paul just looks at me sadly when this happens. (and she hasn’t done that in a few years now)

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