Aging gracefully.

I’ve had puppies. They are wickedly adorable.  They are so fluffy and cute.  Of course, I will never have a puppy again, not even if that puppy is a rescue.  Puppies are a lot of work.  A lot.  A crazy amount and most days during the chewing and potty training phase, it feels more insurmountable than enjoyable.  I really don’t enjoy cleaning up pee, that’s just me.  When I got Melvin at age three, he was still heading towards the crazy years and it drove me a little bonkers.  He was wild, energetic and eager to find mischief.  He pulled me over, to the ground, with zero remorse. He would trample children.  Someone suggested his name should be Marley

Someone recently, upon seeing Melvin, said ‘hey there old guy…’.  It was said gently, lovingly, not meant to sting.  My reaction was to ignore it, move on.  The comment kept sneaking back into my mind.  While it makes me a little sad to hear it, I happen to love this moment in life with Melvin.  He’s eight. I know he’s not really old, yet. But thankfully, his puppy years are behind us. And that’s OK.  He now channels his inner soulfulness so effortlessly, it’s like he was put here to share it.  He has just the right amount of exuberance, he’s excited at precisely the right time.  He naps, like a champ, the type of relaxing that most pay money to achieve.  He has learned to receive love and return it twenty fold. His health challenges  have made him strong and resilient and somehow, happier.   He is kind, understanding, caring, with just the right amount of ‘what the F?’.  He’s older now, but I wouldn’t go back to age three, not even to have more time with him.

He. Is. Perfect. He is my heart.

And when he’s 14, he’ll be even more impeccable. I wholeheartedly feel that old dogs are the best dogs, and Melvin is on his way to being just that.  Enjoy every moment, that’s how it’s supposed to be!

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  1. Lainey was my first dog (I was more of a cat person), and I can honestly say that I had NO IDEA how difficult puppies were. I agree with you that I don’t think I could do the puppy stage again.

  2. I call my three young dogs ‘the puppies’ but fortunately they’re past the house training and chewing stages. Still though they are definitely more work than my older two. We guess Mr B’s age to be nine but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is actually older. He requires his daily meal & water, two potty breaks, lots of sleep, and a treat or something to chew. Happy dog, easiest to care for. We may be five more years with him or maybe just five more days, who knows. In the mean time I’ve just learned to appreciate every day that I actually have with him ♥

  3. We love us some old dogs over this way. And I cannot get enough of that grey face. Perfection.

    Tess, even when I got her at 2, has always been an old lady. Which was perfect – because I wanted an older dog (but dang, they’re hard to find!). We’ve never done puppies, and that’s just fine – because the ages from 9 months – 2 years with Ed have been tough. Sure, I know they are an important part of our relationship with him, but it is more than I would do again!!

    • ‘has always been an old lady’… love it! It’s true, the puppy years are important, they get you to the years where you know you’ll always have a dog.

  4. Elderdogs are totally the way to go… I am reminded of that daily when Turk does exactly what I say, anticipates my needs, and naps the day away when I am feeling lazy. Elderdogs are my heart.

    Also, Melvin is perfectly aged. Perfectly adorable. Perfectly perfect.

  5. I am so behind on catching up on everyone’s blogs, but when I see anything about senior dogs…I always try to savor the moment with another dog mom of an aging angel!!!! This has to be one of my favorite posts from you…It is all so true and beautifully written…Trev is my heart!!!! What a blessing to grow old with your very best friend right by your side? The tears are starting…I gotta give my little bear a BIG hug!!!! Again, lovely post!!!!

  6. What a beautiful tribute. I so wanted an elderbull and ended up with a puppy. The first year was rough but we grew through it and now I look forward to our golden years together.

  7. I am convinced that Rufus was the most ridiculously chill puppy in the world. We got him when he was about 2 or 3, and his personality is exactly the same (if not more exuberant and energetic now). However I hang out with young labs at work all the time, and I DO NOT envy their owners 😉 They say labs take an EXTRA long time to hit maturity, and I totally believe that.

  8. My mommy loves puppies, but there is nothing more special than a senior dog face–that gray around the muzzle and those understanding and caring eyes. Although I am just four years old, she says that I have been an old soul from day one. We love reading about your love for sweet, sweet Melvin . . . and oh-so-special Jake!

  9. Aw… what a sweet post… I’m soooo with you on older dogs, they are awesome!

    Boomer and Dottie came to us as puppies and they really were a lot of work. But now Boomer is about to turn 10 and he has gray on his chin, in his muzzle and just recently in the past week or two his eyebrows and Dottie is about to turn 8 with her cute little gray chin… time flies!

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  11. What a sweet post, I love it. “Enjoy every moment, that’s how it’s supposed to be!” Yes, very true. Enjoy every moment, every single moment because the moment he/she is gone, you will miss them all at the same time. I loved my AB’s puppy-hood and I personally did not feel it was a lot of work. I would go back to the very day I chose my girl Sasha. What I would not give to be able to go back in time. Even when she was still here I would have gone back to her puppy-hood at least for a day or even less. But that’s just me 🙂

    • So true, Liliana! It’s nice to have balance – some love the puppy part, some love the mellow years — at the end of the day, we wouldn’t trade them for the whole world!

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