Backin up da booty.

I’m curious if any of my dog writing/training friends know what this is about.  Jake, daily, will sit in front of where Melvin already is and then inch backwards towards Melvin.  He then just stays there.  In each of these photos, he started out a foot or two further away, then he beep, beep, beeped it back up.

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12 thoughts on “Backin up da booty.

  1. Oh my gosh he is adorable. The fact that he does it and then just stops makes it unusual. Doesn’t seem like he’s scratching an itch, trying to get the other dog to play, or offering himself to the other dog haha.

    Hopefully it’s just an adorable way to sneak in cuddle time 🙂

  2. I wonder if that is his non-aggressive way of getting closer to Melvin? Since face-to-face greetings are considered rude in the doggie world, maybe he’s repeating the mantra of “smell da booty smell da booty” in hopes that Melvin will smell dat booty and then say “stay, my friend, stay.”

    • I was thinking that also, except you met Jake — he will not only meet you face-to-face, he’ll play nip your face if you opt to ignore him! Also, we are seven months into this behavior! He’s so odd!

  3. Ha! He is always such a character. Miss M does this thing with us that we call “sitting proudly” where she will sit with her back to us and her chin up, and it kind of reminds me of Jake’s pose. We always wonder if it’s a respect thing, though with Miss M we kind of think that she thinks she owns us.

  4. It’s a calming signal. Putting your back to another dog is telling the other dog (and yourself) that everything is okay, you don’t mean any harm and everybody just calm down and relax. This behavior of Melvin’s is his way of quietly and calmly getting cuddle time with Jake. If he walked up and just plopped himself down next to Jake, my guess is that Jake would get up and walk away because it would be too intrusive for him.

    A great, eye opening book for all dog owners is The Language of Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Ruugas. You can get it on Amazon. It’s seriously life changing for you and your dogs!

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