Weekend Slumber.

I have migraines.  It is what it is.  They come and go, that’s life.  I don’t feel sorry for myself, I try not to complain too much, and I get really excited when I wake up and they’re gone.

One of the biggest areas in life I’m most grateful for, is family and friends who step up to help.  I put the call out, that Migraine Contingency Plan is code red, and they go into action to help with Melvin and Jake.  And the boys…well I couldn’t ask for less demanding, more understanding dogs.  I’m blessed.

This weekend was rainy and migrainy…

It started off as normal bed snuggling…6 10 13

Then Jake opted for the sidecar…6 10 13g

Then this happened…6 10 13a

Then Jake prayed that meals would not be forgotten…6 10 13b

And treats, don’t forget the treats…6 10 13c

Then they said ‘screw it, let’s cuddle’…6 10 13e

Then Melvin decided one more time for good measure…6 10 13f

8 thoughts on “Weekend Slumber.

  1. My mommy feels your migraine pain. So sorry for you. I would never tell her this, but I kind of like it when she has a migraine. It means extra quiet, dark, cold naptime for me.
    P.S. Hey, Melvin, a little modesty, please. Some of us are ladies. 😉

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