Jake and the bed.

Jake has slept in a soft crate in my room for eight months.  Two reasons for that:

  1. uncertainty he could ‘hold it’ all night (the only clue he gives that he REALLY has to ‘go’ is ‘going’.  I might not notice this when I’m sleeping)
  2. his desire to keep planet earth up snoring

I want him in a bed, mostly just because that is one of the joys I wanted to provide to him upon rescue.  I don’t think he was given any bedroom permission at his first house let alone his own bed.  In this home, you get both.  Even if that means no one else EVER sleeps again.

The transition from crate to bed started with me buying a matching bed to Melvin’s (decorating matters in my home!).  I put it in the room and Jake pretty quickly climbed on it to nap.  On night one, when he realized that the crate was gone, he climbed right in. I thought ‘wow, look how easy this is!’.   Melvin was of course already tucked into his bed. I did a success dance around the room along with some high fives. Easy peasy indeed.

About one minute later, Melvin became very perplexed as to why Jake was so close. Jake proceeded to roll over and stare dreamily at Melvin.  Melvin  got physically and emotionally uncomfortable and relocated to the carpet.  Jake took that as an invite into Melvin’s bed.  Melvin took that as an invite into my bed.

Set up #1 – Fail. Trust me, we tried for 5 nights. Fail, fail, fail.

Photos from this phase of testing:

7 18 13a

Melvin: WTF is going on? Why is he so near me?

7 18 13b

Melvin: Maybe if I turn away he’ll stop looking at me. Seriously dude, don’t be a creeper.

7 18 13

Melvin: Perhaps if I hide under this pillow the nightmare will end. 

Phase #2:  Then I thought, what if I break the visual barrier?  At least until they get used to sleeping so closely to the other. So I took the teepee out of the loft (Jake loves that teepee) and set it up over Jake’s bed.  Viola! This was totally going to work, my enthusiasm and optimism skyrocketed! And you know what, it did work!  For five flippen minutes.

Melvin got comfy, no eyes were upon him (as far as he knew).  Jake loves the teepee so he snuggled right in.  Dance, dance, dance…. And then, the snoring started.  And Melvin was startled to have that honk-song speaker so close to his head.  So he moved to carpet.  And Jake promptly moved to Melvin’s bed.  And Melvin moved to my bed.

Stop the madness.  No seriously, stop.  STOP!

7 18 13c

Melvin: I like that he can’t stare at me but why did he pee in my bed this morning?

7 18 13d

Melvin: I can still feel his googly eyes on me.

7 18 13h

Jake: Oh yeah, me likey my new cave. 

7 18 13e

Jake: What was that? Did someone just hear a honk?

7 18 13f

Yeah, no clue why he snores.

7 18 13g

Melvin: I hate you all.

We found a solution.  I’ll share it with you tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Jake and the bed.

  1. I totally feel your pain and Nola can 100% relate to Melvin. After the fall of Sarge’s Ottoman Empire, the four of us squished together on a queen bed. Nola was super unhappy and no one was sleeping, except Sarge. So, we bought a King sized bed. $2,000 later, I think we’ve found a solution for now. Until Sarge gets too close to Nola. Do they make a Super Duper King Sized bed?

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