The bed conundrum had me running around mentally and physically like a crazy person, trying to figure out a resolution.  I was a bit tormented over Jake taking over Melvin’s bed, Melvin being on the floor or Melvin needing my bed to retreat to (thankfully Melvin’s rule over Jake remains non-confrontational). I was doing the one thing I knew I would have the most trouble letting go of (in terms of having two dogs)… trying to keep life the same for Melvin.  In reality, I don’t think he cares.  The solution was for me to stop. drop and roll with it.

While I can count (and math is actually a requirement of my job), I’ve spent the past few months seeing them individually (one and one) and sometimes I forget to live the life of a multi-dog owner.  Sure, there are things that are just Melvin’s.  His sweaters, his pills, his collars, my love for him.  Same for Jake.  But in the same way I can use any leash on either dog and in the same way that each dog can drink from any of the water bowls, be them the small bowls or the big ones, I needed to see the beds the same way. I have two dogs.  Long gone are the days of everything in the house being bought and tailored solely for Melvin.  I had to stop seeing the big bed as Melvin’s bed (although seeing the small bed as Jake’s was still a solid since no way in Hell Melvin could fit on that).  I have two dogs.  I need two beds that accommodate either of them.  I finally realized that if both beds are the same, neither will care who is in which one (and thus I shouldn’t care). And since Jake seems to prefer a big bed, so be it.

I have stepped away from the crazy.  I ordered a larger bed (although technically, me ordering yet another dog bed is still categorized as crazy) for Jake  and once that comes, we’ll have two dog beds that are for either dog. Jake’s current, smaller bed will get lots of use in the mudroom (where he stays during the day).  In his Jake-only space.

I have two dogs, they can share some stuff. The world won’t end.

Look at me go!

Here is Jake during the five minutes he stays in his own, little bed.

I like big beds and cannot lie...

I like big beds and cannot lie…

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  1. “I have two dogs.” Totally! It’s an adjustment, and one we have to make anew everytime a new foster dog arrives. There’s setting new boundries, and figuring out each other’s limits, but I’ve learned one thing – the dogs usually figure it out for themselves! As much as I think I can dictate – “This is Oscar’s such-and-such,” if he wants to share it with the foster pups, then so be it! 🙂

  2. So currently we have two dog beds on the floor & it’s been that way for a couple days as I catch up on laundry & washing the third dog bed cover. 3 dawgs, 2 beds. They figure it out and only marginally give me dirty looks 🙂

  3. I’ll admit, with Annie and Paul being the same size (roughly) that most of their things are interchangeable. However, I’m definitely picky when it comes to their leashes, collars, and clothes. You’re a better soul than I for being able to switch the leashes around.

  4. So funny. If I buy Bella another bed, I think Jan’s going to divorce me so I know the level of crazy of which you speak. 😉

    You’re lucky that the dogs have worked it out amongst themselves. Sometimes the hardest part is getting the humans to keep up with them. I have to admit, though, Jake looks too adorable in that little bed – I think that might be the hardest part to get over: little cute dog should be in little cute bed because he’s just so darn cute in it.

    • I am really thankful that when Jake climbs into Melvin’s bed, he just let’s it go. I was not that understanding to my little human sister!

      Dog Bed Buyers Anonymous!

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