There is a reason I’m a dog person.  A moment in life that changed everything.  Of course I have always loved dogs, but it wasn’t until I met a certain dynamic duo that I knew, with all that I am that I would never, ever be a dog-less person.

That power couple, was my dear sister-friend Virginia and her sidekick MollieAnne.  Virginia saved a two-year-old MollieAnne from death row.  Although I was not there for that moment, I have no doubt how it went.  Virginia saw MollieAnne, then Virginia saved MollieAnne.  No hesitation. That was fourteen years ago.  A lot happens in fourteen years, A LOT of love can grow.

MollieAnne took Virginia from who she was becoming to who’d she’d become.  In return, Virginia loved MollieAnne fiercely.  It’s a type of love you only wish you were a part of. Just to glimpse it, makes you a better person. It was their connection, the very first time I saw it, that would change my direction in life forever.  I looked at them and I wanted want they had. It was because of the two of them that I got Max.

During the past fourteen years of Virginia’s life, there were break-ups, heartaches, moves, marriage, deaths, joys, illnesses, a baby girl, a baby boy, one more baby girl.  MollieAnne was there for every-single-moment.  A living chronicle of Virginia’s life. When they lost their Sosa boy, they lost him together.  MollieAnne even allowed Virginia to rescue the elder-Booty last year.  While MollieAnne may not have loved the idea of another four-legged female coming into the house, she trusted Virginia. In the same way MollieAnne was saved, she knew others needed the same. She had evolved effortlessly, from fierce diva to soulful queen.

MollieAnne was given weeks to live, four years ago.  That’s just how she rolls.  She wasn’t leaving on anyone’s timeline but her own.  She had too much more to do.

Over the last decade (plus), MollieAnne has watched Virginia and her wonderful husband Shane take care of each other. She led them as they perfected their dance. They grew their beautiful family.  In a house full of kids, there is a lot of moving forward. The oldest is starting first grade, middle child is going into pre-kindergarten and the youngest has learned to walk.  MollieAnne stood by each of them as they blossomed and eventually she knew,  her beautiful work here was done.

She left this world with an infinite amount of love in her heart.  She loved her people in a way that healed, it was a joy to watch. She had a huge, everlasting impact.  I was honored to know her and to love her.

The always beautiful and ever soft, Goose…


…now happily reunited with her Sosa.


21 thoughts on “MollieAnne.

  1. One would imagine that I had read enough blogs to know what was coming, but alas, I was crying before I realized why.
    What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to all three dogs. My love and sympathy to your friend, V and her family.

  2. This is a beautifully written post. My human mommy could feel your love for MollieAnne and her love for her family (she also had to go back and read about Sosa and Booty). And then, of course, she cried and hugged me. I have no doubt that Jake and Melvin got lots and lots of hugs from you, too, and that MollieAnne and Sosa are indeed together again.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful duo. Dogs make us better people and fill up our lives to the brim! There’s something so pure about the love between a dog and their human.

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