I have two dogs that for the most part, do not need groomed.  Nails clipped, baths and every once in a while we get Melvin’s #2 area shaved a bit to avoid the… you know,  dingles. Jake is the same, minus the #2 area issue.  Despite their minimal grooming needs, I don’t bathe either of them.  I tried once, to bathe Melvin.  It ended with me having a dislocated finger.  That was the end of that.

From a stink perspective, Melvin can pretty much go two months between baths.  During the summer and fall he goes in more often to help with his allergies.  Jake on the other hand, starts to stink after just two weeks.  I’m not sure why, or how.  I think he just has dog B.O.  It kicks in pretty much on day 15, a sour smell. There is nothing good about this smell.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why he smells so bad after such a short time.

Jake is 35 lbs.  He fits in my kitchen sink.  I should just bathe him myself.  Right? Fine, I’ll try this weekend.  Stay tuned for how that.

Even Jake hides from his own smell…8 16 13

6 thoughts on “B.O.

  1. Julius just had his second bath in two weeks. I’m hoping that the “found dog” stink doesn’t come back as quickly as it did this time. Ray can go for months without smelling stinky.

  2. Poor Jake, being outed on the internet for his bad BO.

    I would honestly wonder if he has some kind of allergy that is causing the persistent stink.

  3. We have a few dogs of the bulldog variety that seem to stink in a very special way 😉 They are known for being more yeast-y, so I bet Jake has that same issue. Maybe try a natural cologne between baths to see if it helps a little?? Poor Jake and his B.O haha

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