Civil War – Dog Version.

Our house broke out into a civil war this weekend.  Here is how it unfolded.

I had to take Jake to the vet (bacterial and fungal infection as well as a few vaccinations).  There are two options when I take just Jake to the vet.  1.  Take Melvin also.  2. Sneak Jake out.  I opted for the 2nd, mostly just because I was running a bit late and getting them both harnessed up would have made us embarrassingly tardy.

There are two potential outcomes to sneaking Jake out.  1. Melvin does not realize he is gone. 2. Melvin realizes he is alone.  If the latter occurs, Melvin always poops in the foyer.  This weekend, Melvin noticed he was alone.  When we got back home Jake went running towards his girlfriend…the foyer Rug.  He stopped suddenly and turned to look at Melvin, then again to Rug, then he looked to me.  I didn’t even have to look.

I washed Rug (on my hands and knees) and removed all traces of Melvin.  Jake seemed to re-embrace her as if she had never been tainted.  I thought that was that.

At 3:30 am, Jake climbed into Melvin’s bed and started peeing.  Jake was put on steroids for his issue so I don’t know if it was a calculated move (makes this post more interesting) just had an accident or if he was sleep peeing (my guess).  What I do know is that the boys were startled by the other and then stared each other down for a good minute or two.  I wiped them both down, put Melvin in my bed and got Jake back to bed.

Was there a winner of this war?  No.  Was there a loser?  I’m going to go with, me, I was the loser.  After having to de-taint the rug Saturday afternoon, I spent 3:30am to 7:30am taking Melvin’s BRAND NEW bolster bed apart and washing each of it’s 97 pieces, most of which barely fit in the washing machine.  Of course at 3:30am I was not on my best game and ended up having to additionally clean the bedroom floors and rug.

Since Jake has pee’d on Melvin’s bed three times now (I call this a trend), I’m considering putting him back in the crate at night.  I’m also considering getting them their own house but I’m still not sure about that one.

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16 thoughts on “Civil War – Dog Version.

  1. I feel your pain! Been there and done that. Wish there was something I could tell you that would help with Jake’s peeing problems but unfortunately there isn’t. I’ll just pray for patience for you.

  2. Ugh, cleaning up anything at 3:30 am is never a good time. Good grief, boys! Can Melvin be crated when Jake is gone? Lexi is always crated when we’re gone, but we experimented a bit before the move with giving her free range of the house if we left with Zev…bad idea. She pooped/peed in multiple places and destroyed several things around the house! That was the end of that. She gets crated anytime we leave now, even if Zev is home too, and she has no issues in her crate. She walks right in it when she sees us getting ready to leave to go somewhere, and sometimes she will sleep in it at night (we leave its door open when she’s not in it). Just a thought…

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