Jake’s eyes.

We like to see everyone as unique.  Take Jake for instance, could a dog have more exceptional eyes?  We think not.  When I was given Jake’s rescue book it came with a photo of his litter from when he was a puppy.  There was no mistaking which one was Jake.  Let’s just say that he was born with the same-sized-reverse-cross-eyed-eyes (say that fast five times) that he has now. Literally, his eyes were adult size at birth.  Unique to the max. He is 100% the puppy I would have picked.

Lately, Jake has seemed spooked by odd things.  If I open the silverware drawer and Jake is five feet away, he’ll duck.  Oddly, when I open the same drawer Melvin moves closer and almost always gets bonked in the head. If I take my bag off the counter in a normal swinging fashion (ie. not swinging over my head like helicopter blades), Jake takes off running.  When I’m fluffing pillows, he hits the deck. Wait, was he in the Gulf War? I also noticed that he has been perimeter walking the fence.  Obviously I feared the worst (although this did not keep me from calling him Helen Keller, at least twice.  I know, I’m terrible.) so I took him to the vet.

The bad news is, he definitely has an eye issue.  The good news is that the issue is that he has bionic peripheral vision.  Seriously, I hoped worried he was going to need prescription goggles but it turns out that his peripheral vision is likely three times what a normal dog’s is.  Melvin can’t see the drawer coming out when he’s right next to it.  Jake see’s the drawers trajectory from the next room.

Of course, all super powers have their drawbacks.  Jake cannot see directly in front himself, which is why he perimeter walks.  Melvin can see perfectly to the front.  Do you see it, my yin and yang, completing each other every day in all ways?  One does #1 while the other does #2.  One can see the food that drops in front while the other catches the crumbs that venture to the left or right.

Uniquely perfect, the both of them. Here is Jake, keeping watch on the world, all the while facing forward!

“Have you linked your VIC card yet?”6 21 13a

“I see Rug checking out my butt!” IMG_3977

“Hold on while I align the center of my head with that wall plug.”5 28 13a

“You’re going to need more ‘water’ soon.”5 20 13

“Look at that sweet-smelling arse!” 5 13 13g

“Do I have a nose?”5 13 13d

“No seriously, do I have one? I can’t see it?”5 13 13

“The middle treat jar is running low woman.”2 22 13e

“All you need is what?  Tell me!  I need to know!”1 28 13d

22 thoughts on “Jake’s eyes.

  1. Can you just find some tiny hipster glasses for Jake anyways? I was really hoping he would have to wear some! Also… your captions to those photos had me cracking up in a very quiet coffee shop. People were looking at me funny…

  2. Told you so. Bionic eyes. Have you had a geneticist check Jake’s DNA sequence to see if he has a chameleon in his family tree?

  3. I love these boys! Jake’s eyes are perfect for his little smudgy pudgy face! He’s just one of those dogs you want to pick up & smooch, smooch, smooch! Of course, Melvin makes the perfect companion for him being the laid back cool dog that he is! And yes, the captions had coffee coming out of my nose. I know, not a pretty picture! 🙂

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