Jake on film.

As we continue on the week-o-Jake…

Melvin has been professionally photographed, more than once.  If you have been to my home, or examined blog photos closely, you know that his face adorns many a wall.  Sadly, there is currently only one photo of Jake in the whole damn house.  To make matters worse, it’s not even a real photograph, its last years Christmas Card, in a frame.  I’ll pause while you judge me.

I’m happy to FINALLY announce that Jake was recently photographed and now our biggest conundrum is which photo to put where!  See how I did that, I moved from barely any photos to oh so many.  One minute I suck, the next minute I rock. Boom!

Here are some of my favorites, all courtesy of the very talented kate with a camera!  What I love about these photos is that they perfectly capture my little Tonka Truck’s vulnerability   He’s a misunderstood-muscular-punk-rocker with a take-no-prisoner-hit-man approach to life — but at the core, he just wants some love.

9 24 13

Photo credit: kate with a camera

9 24 13a

Photo credit: kate with a camera

9 24 13b

Photo credit: kate with a camera

9 24 13d

Photo credit: kate with a camera

9 24 13e

Photo credit: kate with a camera

9 24 13f

Photo credit: kate with a camera

24 thoughts on “Jake on film.

  1. Cutest things ever!!! My favorite is the black & white photo. I’m dying to know what was going through his mind because you feel so much emotion in that picture.

  2. Jake has become quite the super star!! What a week for him. I guess I’m a little behind, but I’m enjoying all the hooplah! I kind of like that black and white picture. Although i guess when it comes down to it, none of them are real colorful to me.

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