The week of Jake.

Most of Jake’s vaccinations are due this week.  That’s because one year ago, his family gave him up for adoption.  What I know about that is this…

  • There was a husband and a wife and a yellow lab
  • The yellow lab was the husband’s dog (so to speak) and the wife got Jake as her dog (as a puppy)
  • Come last September they made the decision that they only had time for one dog, and that dog was not Jake
  • The wife was sad to surrender him

Jake was given up for adoption the week of his 5th birthday.  I’m guessing they were not the type of people to celebrate dog birthdays so they likely didn’t know.  Or maybe they did.  Either way, one year ago a decision was made by strangers that would change my life forever.

Melvin and I were meant to be together. Jake was meant to be part of this family.  That means, their former families were supposed to have them first. I rescue dogs, they all have previous owners, a past that I have zero control over.  Then… our lives collide, and that is a little thing I like to refer to as sweet, sweet destiny.

I will kick of this Week-o-Jake with the very first picture I ever saw of him, just about one year ago to the day.

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27 thoughts on “The week of Jake.

  1. Well, my face is leaking. 😉 I’m so happy your life collided with Jake. I’ve only been here a short while, as you know; but I am enjoying every little tidbit of their life you share. Happy days with your Mommy, Jake; whether they’re birthday, gotcha-day, or every single day.

    I just collided with my own pup.. well, he’s not a baby …a few weeks ago. I know some of his past, however sorted; but one thing I know for certain is, they missed out on a fantastic companion in my Steele. “Snooze — ya lose!”, I say. When we heard the okay on the adoption, we RAN to my car… and we never looked back.

    • Yay!!!!!! I had to work really hard to not be angry with Melvin’s previous family. They let his health deteriorate so much. But from day one, I was just so grateful he was mine. I truly believe rescue is about moving forward! Steele is lucky dude who found his destiny!

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