Happy Birthday, Jake!

Happy 6th Birthday, chicken little!  Jake got a new condo (one that comfortably houses his new bed but that also keeps him from peeing on his brother’s bed in the middle of the night — this is a gift for Melvin (and me) also!).  I also got him a blanket/cave contraption – he seems to like the idea of sleeping bags so I got him a furry one.  He immediately bonded with it, Rug would be jealous. I need to get used to seeing this furry thing because every night when I turn on the bedroom light, I scream thinking Chewbacca’s baby is in Jake’s condo.

photo[7] photo[3]

He got a new, AWESOMELY-WONDERFUL, bad-ass Sirius Republic leather collar!

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A frozen Kong stuffed with banana, pumpkin, blueberries and peanut butter awaits him (and his brother) as does this mini-birthday cake.


But what Jake really wants, a forever with his brother‘s butt…signed, sealed and delivered!

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For those of you wondering, Melvin has not enjoyed this week as much as Jake.  He pretty much just wants the Jake attention to end.

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20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jake!

  1. Happy Birthday, Jake! Ed & Tess wanted to send you their butts so you could snuggle them all day, but couldn’t quite figure out how to make that work. So instead they send some virtual licks your way! The new collar is AMAZING (of course!) and I hope you enjoy the kong and cake.

    Poor Melvin…he looks so pathetic.

    On a side note…where did you get you kongs? We’d like to get a stock pile, but are trying to find somewhere we can get some discounts.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jake. It looks like a pretty nice haul, but I have to wonder if Melvin isn’t being just a bit dramatic? One of the pictures looks almost as if Melvin might be sporting an awesome new Sirius leather collar as well? 🙂

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