Jake and the wookie sleeping bag.

When I bought the furry sleeping bag for Jake, the salesperson said to let him figure it out. So that is what I did.  Or am doing.  We are still not there yet but eventually he is supposed to figure out that once inside, he’s got to turn around.  In the meantime, I’m getting way too much enjoyment watching this unfold… a few photos of his approach and then a video of him, doing something. Still not sure what.

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10 1 13a

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Melvin takes the blog back tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “Jake and the wookie sleeping bag.

  1. Haha poor Jake – you’ll figure it out soon, bud. That’s so cool! Where’d you pick this up? Rufus hearts anything furry and cozy, so I’d love to see what he thinks of this.

      • Oh my gosh, totally random but we just got in an order of these exact trundles and blankets! It’s like someone wants me to spend a ridiculous amount of money on more stuff for my dog 😉

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