Mailbox love.

I believe in writing letters and more importantly, sending Thank You notes. Yes, it is so much easier to text or email or snapchat.  But I love sitting down, and writing out my words of thanks or hello or yo, what’s up and then looking up someones address and knowing that they will feel the love I am sending them the moment they open up their mailbox.  Gratitude rocks!

The boys are no exception.  Kind things are done for them and we would never take any of those gestures for granted so they send notes of thanks regularly.  Of course to do so, they obviously needed their own stationery…

Not the best picture but you get the gist…10 3 13

13 thoughts on “Mailbox love.

  1. Love the stationary. I always mean to send things in the mail like letters and cards, but end up forgetting to drop them in the mailbox until it is so late that it would be embarrassing to send them!

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