Get well gifts.

After our adventures in nature, my friend J and her adorable boys got my boys some get well and happy birthday (Jake) gifts, including custom artwork!  These two human boys are very much like my two canine boys.  Alex, (the older/larger one) is sensitive and kind (just like Melvin) and Aiden, (the younger/smaller one) is a comedian in the making and is also well-trained in reporting to ‘time out’ (uh, hello Jake).  The gifts included the cutest stuffies for Melvin and Jake!  Here is the thing, Melvin is noise sensitive.  If I turn on the blow dryer, he has to leave the room.  If you want to see him nervous pee, start clicking a clicker.  The squeaky noise that usually comes in stuffies, he is not a fan.  Due to this, Jake has not had access to squeaker toys since coming into our family.  When I got home with the gifts, I put them both on the floor.  Melvin immediately left the room.  Jake declared both to be his and it was very clear, he is indeed a stuffies-kind-of-dog. I felt pretty bad that I had denied him this great joy, although my guilt subsided slightly when I looked over at poor Melvin.  Yet another thing for Jake to annoy his brother with.

Thank you Aiden and Alex — you two are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Get well gifts.

  1. I was out of town with my humans last week, and I so missed the antics of Melvin and Jake. I just read back a few posts, and boy did I miss a lot! When we have future trips planned, I am going to get my mommy to let you know so that you can keep Melvin and Jake inside!

  2. Is Jake’s affinity for stuffies related to the squeakers? Or just the stuffies themselves? Lily is also noise-sensitive, so if I get her stuffies before I give them to her I open them up, remove the squeaker, and then sew them back up. That way she gets to enjoy stuffies without the part that scares her. Maybe that could work for your boys so they could both enjoy them?

    And no, the fact that I doctor all her stuffies does not mean she’s spoiled at all! At all.

    Okay, maybe a little.

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