Tutorial: How to orchestrate a snuggle session.

Start by assessing the situation.  If snuggle buddy hops on couch near you, view that as an invitation.  Move slowly, be sure snuggle buddy is asleep before moving closer. (this step is shown in the following video)

Then, back your booty up to the desired location, again SLOWLY.  Do not wake snuggle buddy, this could result in you being lunch. 12 3 13a

Really quickly smell snuggle buddy, because he smells so delicious. 12 3 13b

FOCUS MAN, ok, ok.  Sit for a few moments to be sure he’s still sleeping. 12 3 13c

Then…lower your beautiful body down.  Gently.  12 3 13d

Let snuggle buddy spoon you.  This is also the point in your life when you thank God for miracles and dreams-come-true.  12 3 13g 12 3 13e

If you are still alive at this point, REJOICE!!!  And then sleep.  Stalking snuggle buddies is exhausting.  12 3 13f

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