Quicky update.

Willy Wonky legs is doing about the same.  I wouldn’t say he is better but I can confirm he is not worse so I view this as a positive!  His legs tend to give out on him at inopportune times.  Like when he first wakes up and wants to burst out of the condo and make love to the closest rug, his energy level does not match his hind leg strength/weakness.  His legs also tend to give out when he’s pooping.   His butt usually ends up falling into said poop. Hey thanks universe!  Also, his response to prednisone is unlike Melvin’s response.  They are the same in that they have to pee A LOT but Melvin senses he needs to pee and asks to go out.  Jake can miraculously be drinking water AND peeing at the same time. True story. We are on the downward taper of the prednisone now, THANK THE GOOD LORD!  We ran out of Nature’s Miracle last night, I didn’t even think that was possible because I had so much. 

Melvin knows something is up with Jake and he is both über sweet and extremely challenging.  Sweet in that when Jake is struggling and sending a panicked vibe, Melvin goes to him and nudges him or licks him or just generally stands near him.  Extremely challenging in that they are dogs, and siblings. Melvin expects to go through doors before Jake, down steps before Jake, to get to the front door to bark at the Brown Truck guy before Jake.  In these moments, I almost have to scoop Jake up so that he does not get hip-checked or trampled.  We are figuring it out!

We have a follow-up appointment next week.  Until then, happy weekend!  Hopefully you are all warming up or at least getting back to a normal vortex.

I’m sorry I pee’d in my bed, again.  I wake up and it’s just there.1 10 14

Hey Lady, he pee’d again.  I’m staying up here to remain dry.1 10 14a

8 thoughts on “Quicky update.

  1. The visual of him drinking and peeing at the same time made me laugh out loud (even though I know it’s totally not funny at all). Pug also can’t stand and poop at the same time so he ends up smashing it into the floor or rug or bed (gross). Have you thought about a belly band for Jake? Pug used to wear one and I would change it ALL the time to make sure he wouldn’t get a UTI. It was a life saver. We purchased Poise pads at costco which saved us money. It got really tiring cleaning up pee all the time.

    • Every day I love you more! I am going to do belly band if Pred is in his future. Now that we cut back (yesterday was the first day we cut back to 1/2 a pill once a day), I am hoping he can start to manage. Last night was the first night his bedding was not soaked. Poor guy, sleep pees!

      I hope to figure out how Pug and Jake can get some sort of ‘brother from another mother’ crest or logo.

  2. Does Jake wear any diaper? We had Pepper in diapers before he was to get his wheels? The towel under his belly while you are walking him, so he is only using his front legs works too. Good luck honey. Animals are such great unconditional loving members of the family!

  3. Hope Jake starts feeling better soon, for the 3 of you! Definitely agree with Anita on the belly band – the Poise pads or super absorbent maxi pads are the way to go. Diapers could help with the poop issue, not sure if the human baby sizes are cheaper than the pet ones. Good thing Jake has a stubby tail!

    We tend to buy Nature’s Miracle by the gallon too. 🙂 Good luck with everything!

  4. Just love hearing that Melvin is such a loving and concerned brother. Such sweetness. Here’s hoping that the pee and poop challenges lesson for Jake (and you) in the very, very near future. Human fingers and puppy paws crossed for all of you . . . and sending human hugs and puppy kisses your way.

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