My little introvert.

A while ago I posted about Jake’s need for alone time.  Sometimes when I find him like THIS, he is just needing some time to himself. Other times, he’s done something and remorse is weighing heavy.

He continues to be this dog who seeks solace in self-imposed time outs.

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12 thoughts on “My little introvert.

  1. If you ever come home and Jake is missing you should check my house because I am going to steal him! I smile every time you post pictures of him. Hope his legs are getting better. Barley (11 this month can you believe it) is starting to have back leg problems as well. Hope you are well.

  2. I don’t understand Jake’s self-imposed timeouts but I have to say… he is so cute in this pictures…. like a pensive little thing, perhaps a little bit drunk and needing to clear his head up a bit 😛 … … Jake is so cute.

  3. He is too stinkin’ cute! John and I always say that if we ever get a “small” dog (aka a dog that weighs less than 50 pounds, lol) we would want to get a Frenchie!

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