Two on one.

There are not many times when I feel outnumbered by the dogs.  By outnumbered I mean able to remain in control — I obviously know that two is more than one.

This weekend I took both dogs to the vet.  I was so outnumbered that I may have PTSD.  Issues working against me:

  • Jake does not enjoy other dogs, often other dogs are at the vet (shocking I know).  If he see’s another dog he redirects to Melvin.  When he did that this weekend I fell over a chair trying to deflect him.  NOT CUTE. 
  • Melvin does not enjoy cats.  When he hears them, he gets hungry.  WHY DO CATS ALWAYS HAVE TO MEOW WHEN WE ARE THERE?? WHYYYYYYYYY?
  • It does not matter if Jake has just gone two seconds before we walk into the vet, he will always, 100% of the time, shoot out meatballs while we are inside the vet as a passive aggressive way of communicating that he does not enjoy this sort of day trip. On Saturday, he threw out what seem to be several hundred meatballs, fell into it, scurried over it and even managed to get some on his face, all within the span of 1.42 seconds.  Melvin was at the same time frantically searching for the ‘meow’.  This was a very dark moment in the day.  I had to clean the mess up while holding the dogs (thankfully two women in the waiting room took pity on me and helped hold them while I gagged uncontrollably since Jake managed to squash crap into every single crevice in the floor).  I then had to bathe Jake at the vet in the bathroom sink. With hand soap.  

It’s Monday and I’m still exhausted.  And I swear I can still smell ‘it’.

“Cats are delicious”. 3 10 14

“Hey Bear, do you smell something?”3 10 14a

23 thoughts on “Two on one.

  1. Oh my goodness – at least you are able keep some of your sense of humor about yourself amid calamity. Balton stays in the car until the room is ready for them (and we schedule his appointments first thing in the morning)! I don’t even want to think about a waiting room experience with my little problem child.

    • So smart of you! Melvin has def come a long way in the waiting room (by himself) and our vet is really great about giving us a room quickly to avoid any issues.

  2. I feel your pain! It only took ONE experience with taking both dogs at the same time before I learned my lesson! Now they go at separate times ALWAYS!
    Once I even tried leaving one dog in the crate in the car, with hopes of flip-flopping them so I only had to take one dog in at a time. Disaster erupted as one dog urinated on EVERYTHING and the other dog got bloodied feet from clawing at the crate.
    Never again…always separate appointments!

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! At least our bodily fluid was left at the vet. Poor you!! The worst part is, I only brought Melvin to get his nails trimmed (cause he stepped on my foot and punctured my skin!). He didn’t really even HAVE to be there.

  3. I’m sorry for laughing out loud in a silent office but that sounds simply horrifying and yet…funny. (Since for once it wasn’t us.) After all this duo once attended the first annual Pits in the Park and some one (cough Ray) spewed poop soup in the exact middle of the event.

    • HAHAHAHAHAH – poop soup!!!! I love that term and shall steal it! The lady at the vet said ‘you’re handling this so well’ and my response was ‘ain’t my first time at this rodeo’!

  4. Oh…the meatballs again! We were just going to write a post about what it’s like when the dogs outnumber the people. Through fostering we’ve realized that we will never be a 3 dog household, yet I’ve seen many other people make it work.

  5. Oh wow that’s quite an ordeal! One of our groomers has a dog that poops EVERY SINGLE TIME she puts him in the tub. And then again when she’s done with him and he has to be crated. Oh dogs, am I right?

  6. I am ROTFLMAO! I know it’s not nice to laugh at others misfortune but the description just sent me over the edge! I HAVE been there & we have been a 4 dog household. Meatballs……I’m still laughing!

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  8. I know what you mean about being outnumbered! With me it’s usually when I get all three out together… two at a time I can generally handle but all three can be a mess. Jeni is the same way with the poop thing, though luckily if I make sure she goes outside right when we get somewhere she generally won’t go inside. I’m blessed to have the vet we do – we have literally never encountered other animals in the waiting room at the vet. They arrange their appointments so well that they get people in and out of rooms without ever having to interact.

  9. You are a brave brave soul for taking them to the vet together. Pug smashes his turds everywhere all the time…it’s so gross….

  10. Literally, I have tears running down my face! Unfortunately, I can appreciate this story because we have been a multiple dog family on more than one occasion! (You’d think we’d learn??.)

    Thanks for brightening my day!


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