Oh…insert name.

This week has been a bit crazy, thus the shortage of posts.  Let me give you a brief update on the funny happenings of the week…

I got the following text from our awesome daily-dog-walker (and I love that it’s fairly possible that no one in the history of texting has ever gotten the same one before):

Jake scraped his butt-hole.”

I laughed so hard and then nodded because it seemed entirely possible for Jake. He (and his bum) are fine!

This morning Jake dragged a dog mat from the laundry room back to the bedroom, then he sat on it facing a dresser.  I have no idea what his goal was or if he achieved that goal.

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We had birds in our dryer vent.  It freaked me out and it drove the dogs NUTS.  The birds were ‘re-homed’ last week.  Melvin still  goes into the laundry room EVERY morning to bark at the birds.  He’ll show them!

We hope your having a great week!

6 thoughts on “Oh…insert name.

  1. LOL – I suspect, and in fact HOPE, you are right that you alone have ever received such a text. 🙂

    Jake’s a character, isn’t he? Glad to hear everything’s okay “back” there. 😉

    PS – I just bought that same crate in green for Bella. She’s only up to about 15 minutes in it but I’m taking it slow with her.

    • That crate works great for Jake. He’s pretty docile and has never really chewed anything so we felt the soft crate would work. My favorite part is that we keep the top open so that he does not feel too confined at night. He could never jump out of the top so it’s sort of like a sunroof. And, it’s easy to move and we can use it in the car! Hope it works as well for Bella!

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