Make yourself comfortable.

When Jake first came to live here, he would sit, on the hard wood, for hours.  The same, uncomfortable, spot.  I got the sense he was trained to wait; for what I don’t know.  Even when he laid down, it was on the wood floor or tile. Since we were training him using tie-down (He was on a leash so he could learn how life here worked), I started putting his tie-down on softer surfaces, just in case in his previous life he was not allowed on soft surfaces.  On carpet, he sat less, relaxed more.  I’d bring him on the couch with me and at first he’d sit like a statue, but then, he realized it was ok and he snuggle in.

This is the exact moment I should have noticed I was creating a COMFORT MONSTER.

Now, Jake sees every soft surface as his a bed.  And if there is a hard surface where he would prefer to lay, he will drag a soft item over to make it happen.  In short, Jake’s butt likes to sit upon fluffiness, he refuses to settle. Luckily for him, I’m addicted to buying dog beds.  Match made in heaven.

One goal for rescuing dogs, being sure they know comfort. Jake says ‘check, check’!

Here he is on two pillows, and the couch. photo

On the loft ‘girlfriend’. photo[1]

On top of a fuzzy matt that is on top of a fluffy carpet.  With a soft toy. photo[2]

On top of bed that was just washed and has not even been reassembled. photo[3]

In his own bed, post ‘workout’. photo[4]

Hard surface? Drag a mat over. photo[5]

This bed had just come out of the delivery box.  Jake claimed shotgun. photo[6]

Cocooned in comfort.  photo[7]

Warm and comfy. photo[8]

Under the bathroom dressing table. photo[9]

On big brother’s bed. photo[10]

Date night with girlfriend. photo[11]

Date night with girlfriend AND Melvin. This is also known as physical AND spiritual comfort. photo[12]

The day he found the blanket basket and claimed them as his own. photo[13]

The one day we tried him sans condo.  Just before he pee’d in Melvin’s bed. photo[14]

Helping me make the bed. photo[15]

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