Boot Camp.

Most people start boot camp programs on a Monday, or January 1st.  We like to start our program on a Friday in mid-March in case someone pulls something and needs to rest over the weekend.  With Spring upon us, I am hoping to get the boys moving more.  They get regular walks throughout the day (on non-Polar-Vortex weeks) however the morning walk has always been pretty low-key.  Melvin is not a fast riser in the morning and Jake’s legs don’t always wake-up with the rest of his body. So today we went for a walk to warm-up and then went into the backyard to work on some recall.  I made sure the boys were as far from me as possible before giving the command and once I did, they both would come running.  Even Jake (in his own wonky-rific way)!  We did this for quite some time and when we went in for breakfast, the boys were peppy and limber and happy.

Ten minutes later they called it a day. 3 14 143 14 14a

Happy weekend!

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  1. Baxter and I went for our first run on the road in a few months the other day. By the time we were halfway through, his tongue was hanging out. Apparently slogging across the fields through the deep snow is not much of a cardio workout.

  2. Lol sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I had to motivate the dogs to work out… Instead it’s the other way around! Your boys look like they’re enjoying their post workout naps 🙂

  3. The boys look like they had a good workout! Love Jake’s flat face and flat Melvin. 🙂
    We were finally able to walk the big hill field this weekend for the first time in over a month! So glad the snow and ice is finally going away!

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