Five hundred posts AND the blogiversary! Whoa!

Not only is today our 500th post but it is also our three-year blogiversary!  No fooling, I would never do that to ya!  I’m not sure how it all worked out but yay us! And I’m pretty sure I didn’t realize it was April fools day when I did that first post way back when.

You know that I love the boys but I also really love writing this blog. If no one read (my mom always will) I would still do it.  But you do read it, and that makes the whole experience even more rewarding.  Because not only do you genuinely care, many of you have allowed us into your lives via your own blogs, or visits, or emails, or phone calls.  So while I enjoy doing the blog, it’s come to mean so much more to us.

You are our extended family.  And family sticks together and cheers for one another and provides encouragement and yippppeees and sometimes, empathy and sympathy when we face setbacks and grief. This blog community is where we go to work through breed discrimination, reactive dogs, and figuring out how to respond to those who claim ‘it’s just a dog’.  It’s where we can share our success AND updates on dogs who shoot meatballs out of their butts. This extended family has changed us.

When I started the blog I had Melvin and we lived someplace else and he was six.  I’d had him for three years at that point.  Melvin even had a tail back then.  Jake, although alive somewhere else, was a ‘maybe one day’ in our hearts (although he probably already had one googly eye focused on us). He was three. His legs probably worked better during that phase of his life.  A lot has changed, but most of it has not.  Love still guides us and drives us.  We hope that’s always the case.

Thank you for lifting this little blog up.  We LOVE you!  We do, we do!!!

“Wait, I used to have a tail?”2014-03-31_0002

You stayed with us during his Harry Potter phase. 2014-03-31_0003

Dog, pig or cow? Meatball maker! 2014-03-31_0005

Melvin worried he’d be too punk rock for you to handle?2014-03-31_0004

Will we ever know where Jake is looking?  2014-03-31_0006

We promise you more/endless unique sits. 2014-03-31_0007

And the continuation of the brotherhood… 2 4 14b

25 thoughts on “Five hundred posts AND the blogiversary! Whoa!

  1. Happy Anniversary or whatever it’s called in blog world! I’m always delighted to see the antics of your boys and I’ve spit out more coffee reading about Jake’s meatball problem than you’ll ever know! My dogs thank you because there’s nothing better than coffee on the floor!

    Thanks for keeping me entertained and I look forward to many more!

  2. Congrats on the blogiversary!! I love your blog and reading up on Melvin and Jake’s stories – they are such cuties! Thanks for sharing your boys with us! 🙂

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Who knew Melvin used to have a tail? Congrats on your commitment to this blog and thanks for allowing us into your delightful life with Jake and Melvin.

  4. Awwww, congratulations! You gave me goose bumps, and you always make me smile. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog, and for sharing Melvin and Jake with the world . . . whether the world is ready or not. 😉

  5. So many milestones! We’re so grateful to have become part of this extended family, and so look forward to many more adventures of you and your boys! Love, Lynn, Ollie and Balton

  6. I just found you recently, but I’m SO glad I did. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life and your boys with me.

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